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Even Better™ Glow Light Reflecting Makeup SPF15 from Clinique is a clear to medium coverage liquid foundation that instantly and long-lastingly gives the skin a beautiful glow, without shine. Light-reflecting, shiny pearl pigments help conceal blemishes and spots, giving the skin a healthy, radiant glow from within. Exfoliating and clarifying ingredients work long-term to even out skin tone and texture, even without makeup on. The lightweight and nourishing formula is easy to blend and can be layered for coverage, suitable for oily and combination skin.

Even Better™ Glow Light Reflecting Makeup SPF 15:

•Instant and long-term skin improvement;

•Evens out skin tone and reduces spots and discoloration;

•Non-drying, non-streaky, non-porous-blockage, and not pancake-like;


•Moisture and sweat-resistant;




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