Boxspring Lucas with storage – the perfect solution for your bedroom!



Looking for a way to optimize space in your bedroom? Boxsprings.nl has the answer: the Boxspring Lucas with underbed storage. This multifunctional bed offers not only a comfortable night’s rest, but also ample storage space. Say goodbye to cluttered bedrooms with this smart purchase!
Customizing your boxspring has never been easier. Follow these five steps to build your perfect Boxspring Lucas:
Step 1: Choose your preferred headboard to match your bedroom’s style.
Step 2: Select the size that best fits your space.
Step 3: Pick from 7 different fabric colors or 2 leather-look finishes to complement your decor.
Step 4: Opt for a medium or hard mattress based on your weight.
Step 5: Choose between koudschuim or traagschuim top mattress to get your desired level of firmness.
Boxsprings.nl guarantees high-quality handmade boxsprings to ensure the best sleeping experience. Our dedicated team is available to answer any questions you may have. Opt for a Boxspring Lucas with storage and enjoy a restful sleep in a clutter-free bedroom.


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